NOW ONLY $450.00

Set of Thumb Knobs plus 10 x drivers for $420

Driver Tips are $49.00 each






Fully Adjustable Torque Wrench with 9 Torque Settings 15 , 20, 25, 30 , 35, 40, 45, 50 & 60 Ncm


  • Torque settings lock into select Location for accuracy and repeatability
  • Ratchet clutch disengages (slips) when torque is applied to avoid over torquing


Torque Control


Tightening with the correct torque minimizes the risk of the screw working loose and improves the precision during bridge fabrication. Torque Control can also reduce    the risk for stress being built into the restoration

Easy to use

Insert the screw or abutment into the implant with the appropriate driver and thumb knob manually and tighten with finger pressure. Final seat with the Precise Adjustable Torque Wrench with torque setting recommended by manufacturer. Pre-load the screw or abutment by using the torque wrench in the same way as a ratchet


10 x Driver Tips to accommodate all your Abutment needs.