Power Luxator


Power Luxator Overview

506443 Power Luxator (Handpiece + 4 TIPS) kit $1,550.00

506446 Power Luxator (Handpiece only) ea $1,195.00

506441 Power Luxator Tip 3mm long ea $74.00

506442 Power Luxator Tip 3mm short ea $74.00

506444 Power Luxator Tip 2mm short ea $74.00

506445 Power Luxator Tip 2mm long ea $74.00

The importance of how teeth are removed is becoming increasingly important as the preservation of bone during this process directly affects the success of subsequent restorative procedures.

Atraumatic Extractions Maxillary Incisor
  • "The use of judicious extraction techniques for ridge preservation is necessary to preserve bone for prosthetic appliances and/or future implant placement."
    ( American Academy of Periodontology. Tooth Extraction During the Course of Periodontal Therapy (policy statement), J Periodontal2003;June:933 )


  • The Power Luxator™ saves time on simple and surgical tooth extractions, commonly achieved by grasping a tooth with forceps and/or removing bone and sectioning the tooth. The Power Luxator™ allows expansion of the socket without the bone loss typical of standard extraction techniques.
  • The tooth is then luxated back and forth until the socket is expanded and the tooth can be extracted while simultaneously separating the periodontal ligament fibers joining the tooth and bone . Alternatively, the tooth and/or tooth roots can be removed with an elevator.
Immediate Implant Vertical Fracture


  • Recently hand Periotomes and dental elevators have been used with a mallet to reduce the loss of bone during extractions.
  • The use of a periotome or dental elevator will preclude the necessity of reflecting a flap.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Provides all of the clinical advantages of hand Periotomes over the forceps bone removal technique with the added benefit of automating and precisely controlling the exerted force.
Root Tip


  • Eliminates the need for additional set of hands needed for 'tapping', as in the Manual (or hand operated) Periotomes to achieve adequate force to expand the periodontal ligament space between the tooth and alveolar bone.
  • Even when a mallet is not required the chance of exerting too much force and causing accidental damage to surrounding tissue is higher with the manual version compared with the precisely repeatable PowerLuxator™ automatic Periotome.


  • The Power Luxator™ eliminates the uncertainty as to how much force or distance a tip will move into the periodontal ligament space by precisely regulating it electronically with any implant surgical motor using conventional e-Type connection.
  • This allows for the controlled advancement of the Periotome tip to allow for socket expansion and removal of the tooth, often eliminating the need for bone removal.
  • Designed to fit any implant console with the universal e-type connection (the industry Standard).
  • Provides an extremely sensitive tactile feedback to the practitioner.