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The Gold Standard in Oral Bone Regenerative Therapy

  • The ideal mixture of Cortical and Cancellous particulate
  • Completely Remodels to patients own bone
  • Provides a scaffold for cell migration as well as a lattice for rapid bone formation
DIS-CCO Osteokor Cortico/Cancellous (mineralized) 250-1000 microns 0.5cc


DIS-CC1 Osteokor Cortico/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 1cc


DIS-CC2 Osteokor Cortico/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 2cc


DIS-CC5 Osteokor Cortico/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 5cc


DIS-RDGE Osteokor Cortico/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 12 x 1cc $999.00
DIS-SINUS Osteokor Cortico/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 8(1cc) + 2(5cc) $1299.00


  • Where clinician requires a graft with the hydroxyapetite component of autologous bone
  • Applicable in cases where a scaffold and longer resorption is required
  • Can be used alone or with mixture of autogenous bone in order to increase the osteoinductive properties of the graft
  • Completely remodels
  • Able to stabilize root form implants after 4-6 months



DIS-CAO5 Osteokor Cort/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 0.5cc


DIS-CA1 Osteokor Cort/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 1cc


DIS-CA2 Osteokor Cort/CancellousParticulate 250-1000 microns 2cc



* Puros® is a registered trademark of Zimmer Dental


  • Due to the removal of Hydroxyapetite component, potential growth factors are exposed, this graft resorbs quicker and is less dense than mineralized grafts.
DIS-CDO5 Osteokor Cort/Demimeralized Particulate 250-1000 microns 0.5cc


* Puros® is a registered trademark of Zimmer Dental


Over one million tissue transplants are performed each year in the United States.

Extensive tests for infectious diseases are performed on all donors recovered. Each donor is thoroughly evaluated using medical/social history questions,
medical records, blood test and culture results, physical examinations and autopsy reports (when performed). The tissue bank’s medical director reviews all donor information, and if found acceptable the tissue is released for transplantation.

Each donor is processed individually to prevent cross-contamination. We have 100 processing suites, a freeze-drying room, decontamination area, and a central sterile supply area.


All musculoskeletal allografts are processed and sterilized using gamma irradiation following ISO 11137 methodology to provide a sterility assurance level of 10-6. Strict processing procedures are taken to ensure quality and safe tissue grafts for transplantation. Osteokor is in compliance with guidelines and regulations with the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and many other state health department regulations. As part of a validated process, cleaning and disinfecting solutions are used during a patented cleaning process, Allowash®, to remove viruses, bacteria and cellular material. Packaged grafts are prepared as lyophilized or frozen tissue.

Shelf Life

Lyophilized tissue may be stored at ambient (room) temperature for up to three years. Frozen musculoskeletal tissue may be stored at – 40 degrees C or colder for five years or -20 degrees C for temporary storage of up to six months.

  • Aseptic processing is accomplished in our state-of-the-art Class 100 clean rooms. Each donor is processed individually to comply with FDA and AATB
  • The tissue is fashioned into needed grafts, cleansed in various solutions, including Allowash, a patented tissue cleaning system, and packaged.
  • Quality control steps ensure that all process parameters are met. Both equipment and tissue grafts undergo testing. Our on site CLIA-certified
    microbiology laboratory processes over 67,000 cultures each year for all phases of tissue processing. Tissue is released for distribution only after all quality checks have been found acceptable.
  • Prior to distribution, all allografts are thoroughly inspected for package integrity, quality, and proper labeling. Grafts are stored in distribution until
    an order is received. Customer Service Representatives are available to assist clinicians with their allograft needs.

* Puros® is a registered trademark of Zimmer Dental